Attention Scum


In the Zone of Special Attention


Action film about the Russian paratroopers.


Attention! Bandits!


During the winter of 1944, the partisans stationed in the Ligurian Apennines must go to a factory in Genoa, in order to pick up a delivery of weapons. Meanwhile, there's a strike in the city and the Nazis are trying to suppress it violently. The factory becomes the scene of fighting between the Germans and the partisans but the latter, aided by the workers, will be able to get the better.




A 32-year-old PhD candidate Onur finds himself in a dilemma whereby he needs to make a decision between doing paid military service and serving the army for 6 months. Throughout this decision making process Onur not only questions the ethical and political aspects of the choice he will make, but also the compulsory military system in his country. He has only 2 months to decide. Will he go or pay?


Attention les yeux !


Un réalisateur sans beaucoup d'expérience souhaite tourner un film pornographique.


Attention, the Kids Are Watching


In a seaside villa, under the care of a nanny, a group of children spend most of their days watching violent television shows.




On the day Jean Gabin dies, a kidnaper who also takes a fortune in jewels heisted from Cartiers murders Simon Verini's wife. (Simon was fencing the jewels for a youthful gang who robbed Cartiers; he suspects them of the murder.) He's framed for the theft and spends ten years in prison, writing to his daughter, Marie-Sophie, who's 11 when he's sent away. Released, he reconnects to Marie-Sophie and to the young thieves, seeks revenge, and is quickly arrested again. She doesn't know what to make of her father, retreats to her Swiss fiancé, and is flummoxed when one of the young thieves falls for her. Is resolution possible when crime cuts across families and romance?


Ain't She Tweet


Sylvester Cat discovers Tweety Bird in a pet store window. Tweety is taken to be delivered by truck to a new owner - Granny. Sylvester chases the delivery truck to Granny's home, where Granny has a huge, fenced-in area for her army of bulldogs. Sylvester makes several unsuccessful attempts to pass the dogs and reach Tweety inside Granny's house.




This is a story of love and lust shaded with overtones of incest and lesbianism. Livia is a woman trying to regain the affections of her husband Alberto, whose journalism career takes him away for months at a time - on purpose. What she does not know is that he has an undeniable attraction for their daughter Monica. Livia's own sexual eccentricities lead her to hire young women to have sex with Alberto while she listens in hiding. When Monica wants to get into the act too, the real truth about her parentage is revealed.


Attention! Wolves!


The story of a boy raised by wolves.


Attention, Turtle!


Set in 1970's Soviet Union, the story follows a group of young children and a pet turtle. When one of the children becomes ill and taken to hospital, his turtle falls into the hands of two mischievous boys who test the turtle's indestructible shell. A group of girls spring the sick boy from the institution and a race ensues to rescue the poor creature out from under the treads of a giant tank!


Attention Shoppers


An actor from a popular television sitcom agrees to appear at the Grand Opening of a Houston Super Kmart. On his journey to and appearance at the Kmart, he learns lessons about his career, celebrity, human nature, and his marital problems from the interesting and strange people he meets.


Attention, Rounds!


A story about an everyday life of an inflectional department of Prague hospital.


Attention, All Posts!


A former army paratrooper starts working in the police and almost immediately is forced to fight a dangerous criminal.


Lion Around


Donald's nephews use a mountain lion costume to scare Donald away so they can grab a pie off the windowsill. The deception is exposed, but a short while later, a real mountain lion comes along.


Attention hélicoptères


A french documentary short film directed by Pierre Schoendoerffer.


Beware: Children At Play


Parents are in a panic as their children mysteriously disappear. Little do they know that the only thing worse than their children disappearing would be them coming back. After the youngsters of Tromaville fall under the ruthless control of a cult leader, they turn on their parents with gruesome results.


Undivided Attention


An episodic road movie, “Undivided Attention” offers experiences in cinematic metaphor and structure that contradict, tickle and soothe our desire to understand and make sense of what we see or think we see. A young couple driving in an open car take the viewer through more than twenty intriguing sequences that stimulate the visual sensibility as the film explores the relationship between intellectual and sensual knowledge. It also comments on some conventions of narrative and documentary and has some fun with film theory. “Undivided Attention” works on various levels, the most accessible being entertainment value and on a more astute level, the cinematic exploration of denotation/connotation in an oblique narrative. It is a rich and challenging film that is also a pleasure to watch. - 42nd Edinburgh International Film Festival


Attention of Men


Colt, a struggling aspiring writer collects money after having sex with a complete stranger. Soon after the stranger is gone, an unexpected knock comes. Fearful for his safety, he makes a run for it. Somewhere out there, Colt falls into the hands of Ely, a wealthy man. Their relationship quickly evolves into a complex dynamic of father and son. As Ely's demons unravel, Colt tries to manage and becomes witness to this king all alone in his castle.


Beware! The Blob


A technician brings a frozen specimen of the original Blob back from the North Pole. When his wife accidentally defrosts the thing, it terrorizes the populace, including the local hippies, kittens, and bowlers.


Attention danger travail


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Attention Scum
Attention Scum
Attention Scum

Attention Scum! was a 2001 television comedy series created by Simon Munnery and Stewart Lee. It starred Munnery as his "The League Against Tedium" character and contained acerbic stand-up routines atop a transit van and sketches including mainstays such as "24 Hour News", operatic intermissions by Kombat Opera, and two characters engaged in a duel over their hats.