Genis Aile


Geniş Aile: Yapıştır


Upon the illness of Cevahir's grandmother Hafize; a treasure map passes by the hand of Cevahir who is trying to find enough money for the treatment. Bilal, the enemy of Cevahir, picks up the smell of the incident and takes half of the map and heads for Ayvalik. Cevahir and Ulvi fall together on Ayvalik road. They all find themselves in situations, events, and troubles that they have never expected in a journey of search for treasure and adventure.

Geniş Aile
Geniş Aile
Geniş Aile

Geniş Aile is a Turkish comedy television series on Kanal D, which initially broadcast in 2009. Season Finale on June 15, 2010 and was run 49 episodes - 1 season. Season 2 premiere aired on August 10, 2010.