Mujeres Y Hombres Y Viceversa


Mujeres infieles


Mexican movie about women cheating on their husbands. Three segments, I liked the first one, but not the other two. The first had a very good ending, the second was 'weird' in lack of a better word, and the third was a little violent, I didn't expect it from a movie talking about 'cheating on'. This is of course, my humble personal opinion.


Todas las mujeres


Tells the story of Nacho, a veterinarian, who faces women who have meant something in his life. Before him appears his lover, his mother, his psychologist, his partner, his ex-girlfriend and her sister. With all of them have outstanding accounts and they all have to face to resolve.


Mujeres, de Coque Malla


Coque Malla meets with a number of female artists during the creative process of his new musical work. Intimate essays, confidences, complicity, sense of humour and creative passion that will culminate in the live recording of the album "Mujeres" ("Women"). A journey through the life of an artist with songs and women as absolute protagonists, with the exception of his close friend, Antonio Dyaz.


Unfaithful Women


A television survey says over sixty percent of women in Chile are unfaithful. True or not, this movie presents some interesting answers.


Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown


Pepa resolves to kill herself with a batch of sleeping-pill-laced gazpacho after her lover leaves her. Fortunately, she is interrupted by a deliciously chaotic series of events.


Santo vs. the Vampire Women


A professor recruits a professional wrestler to protect his daughter from vampires intent on kidnapping her and marrying her to the devil.


Mujeres, mujeres, mujeres


Three-episode sex farce.


Mujeres Infieles 2


Anthology movie, three stories about marriages in crisis.


Dos mujeres


Claudia lives happily married with an architect and is part of a rich family of builders. In a children's party going on an apparently unrelated to it: a clown found hanged.


The Panther Women


The Panther women are worshipers of Satan and perform rituals in their honor and sacrifice. The fighters will face them up and down the ring.




Documentary about the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize, Gabriela Mistral, and her relationship with the American Doris Dana. Gabriela meets Doris when she thinks she cannot overcome the biggest tragedy of her life: the suicide of her only son. Doris, realizing that her partner will be gone soon, records the conversations with her in their Long Island house. These recordings will be the access to the affective universe of a woman who lives in permanent tension with her inner demons and whose sensitivity and ambition make her the protagonist of her time.


Cuatro mujeres


Chance brings four men together at a coffee table during a poker game. The entrance of a woman brings back memories to all of them.


Mujeres encantadoras


Goofball inventor is working on x-ray binoculars for peeping with; meanwhile, his assistant seeks help for a medical condition and gets caught up in the drama between two philandering doctors and their wives.


Women's Reformatory


Laura Regueira is wrongly accused of the murder of her boyfriend, he was killed by a band of thugs the night they were sharing a romantic moment. In the woman's reformatory Laura, besides of having to endure the life of prisoner, will have the chance of prove her innocence, with the help of a police officer who believes she's innocent Laura has the chance of uncover a band involved in drug traffic. These delinquents also use the women captive in the penitentiary as prostitutes.


Savage Women


The story is about a group of women who escape a prison in search for a treasure at a beach. On that beach, there are some male campers who discover their secret and torture one of them for information about the treasure. They face the men in farce struggle.


8 Women


Eight women gather to celebrate Christmas in a snowbound cottage, only to find the family patriarch dead with a knife in his back. Trapped in the house, every woman becomes a suspect, each having her own motive and secret.


Mujeres en mi Vida


Mexican romantic musical.

Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa
Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa
Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa