Pepito Manaloto


I Am Pepito


Humor, crime, action, drama, compassion and risk are the ingredients that this wonderful story uses to create a scenario that seems to be a dead-end and a worst nightmare, that will be resolved in the most surprising, unexpected and fun way. Taking Pepito from victim to supposed thug and from supposed thug to hero.


Pepito and the Monster


The boy Pepito looking for work to help his grandmother who does not receive the pension to which he belongs. Wanting to be a magician's assistant, begin your problems because it happens a crime and a monster appears.


Chabelo and Pepito vs. the Monsters


Chabelo and Pepito are cousins ​​and belong to a group of scouts. When hiking a farmer warns of the danger of a cave where a cursed treasure.


Pepito as del volante


Pepito's father dies in rollover the Ferrari that is winning a race car, so Pepito is about his grandfather and asks him to equip a car to get him to compete.


Chabelo y Pepito detectives


A commanding friend Pepito and Chabelo ask them to help uncover a gang who kidnaps children. They accept and are out to steal to join the band. Whenthey find that the band mesmerizes children with toys and then the kids are controlled by young boys and they controlled in turn by strangers with long hair and blue eyes.


Pepito y la lámpara maravillosa


Pepito The child misbehaves because his stepfather is scolding. Buy a sauceboat but when his cat rubs it a genie appears. The child understands that it is the magic lamp and asked all sorts of goodies and the solution of their tasks, but when he needs money stepfather tells of genius. The stepfather asked to topple his partner's plane. Pepito refuses and flees with the lamp and throws it into a river to avoid falling into its power. The stepfather drowns while trying to rescue him.


Pepito y los robachicos


Good-hearted simpleton opens his home to a street urchin escaping from an Oliver Twist-style kid-gang of pickpockets beggars and paperboys.


Don José, Pepe y Pepito


The arrival of Francis, who owns a factory of surgical material in New York, caused a real stir in a family composed by her grandfather, Pepe, the son, Jose, and grandson, Pepito. Pepito falls in love with her even though Francis consider him a child. But Don Jose is also in love with the American. This situation creates a difficult situation between parent and child, that Francis seeks to remedy returning to the United States. But the grandfather, Pepe, has the solution ...


Eddie Pepitone: In Ruins


Standup special recorded in Brooklyn.

Pepito Manaloto
Pepito Manaloto
Pepito Manaloto

Pepito Manaloto, now known as Pepito Manaloto: Ang Tunay na Kwento is a Philippine award-winning live situational comedy created by KB Entertainment Unlimited, Inc. and Michael V. for GMA Network which premiered on March 28, 2010. The show premiered on GMA Pinoy TV on April 5, 2010, one week after its original premiere. The show is currently on its fifth season, which premiere on September 16, 2012 in the Philippines and September 22, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.