Soko Wismar


The Market King


When his wife falls sick, a well-intended dad braves the fires and goes where no man has gone before - the hairmarket - to get his daughter's hair braided before school begins.


Dark Water


A woman in the midst of an unpleasant divorce moves to an eerie apartment building with her young daughter. The ceiling of their apartment has a dark and active leak.


Hello Oksana Sokolova!


Things are finally starting to look bright for Ilya, a relatively unknown actor. Starting tomorrow, he will be the voice of Men's Radio. So of course he celebrates the occasion. But the next morning, the newly-crowned radio host finds himself unable to utter a single word. After a wild night out on the town he has completely lost his voice. It's half an hour before he goes on air, prime-time, the contract has already been signed, Ilya is in a state of panic... The only solution is to get an injection in his voice box. According to the doctor on hand, this is the only thing that might save the day.


The Maltese Falcon


A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.


Sokol Did Not Love Him


The story begins in a small rural village in Ladimirevci, Eastern Croatia in 1943, where a land owner Sima is helping the Partisan Movement and the official Ustasha regime in order to save the life of his son Beneš, who is enlisted in the German army. Sima doesn't want to let his son fight for the wrong side any more, and doesn't want to give him to the Partisans either, so he hides him in his attic for the time being. The story is interwoven with episodes of Sima trying to muster a beautiful stallion - Sokol - who only answers to his son Beneš and clearly doesn't like his old man.




A fable of emotional liberation and chocolate. A mother and daughter move to a small French town where they open a chocolate shop. The town, religious and morally strict, is against them as they represent free-thinking and indulgence. When a group of Boat Gypsies float down the river the prejudices of the Mayor leads to a crisis.


Sokola Rimba


Based on true events, Butet wants to expand her jungle school (sokola rimba) but must contend with local opposition.


Tomáš and the Falcon King


"Thomas the Falconer" is a nice family movie about a boy (Brano Holicek), a falcon, a prince, a princess and a nasty man who gets his come-uppance. It's gloriously filmed in the mountains of Slovakia. The DVD mastering is not quite up to Hollywood standards but not too bad. There are English subtitles. The movie itself is much better than many a Hollywood production being free of tat and razzmatazz. By: nbauers


Valeriy Sokolov: Natural Born Fiddler


This documentary introduces the unbelievable talents of Valeriy Sokolov. A short introduction gives way to concert footage guaranteed to amaze. The repertoire includes Beethoven's 7th Violin sonata, Prokofiev's 2nd sonata, Saint-Saens' Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, and Miroslav Skorikh's Spanish Danse.


The Silence


Khorshid lives with his mom in a house near a river somewhere in Tajikistan. Th landlord comes around every morning to ask for the rent. Khorshid has to provide the money or else they'll have to leave. His blindness has given him an amazing skill in tuning musical instruments which gets him a job at an instrument making workshop. But the problem is That Khorshid is mesmerized by sonorous music all the time; whenever he hears a great musician play, he loses track of time and place. For this, he always gets lost and gets to work late. How is he going to make a balance between his love of music and his task as a breadwinner?


Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova!


In the end Ilya won the casting and became a DJ at "Dude Radio", radio for the real men. After the celebration of this event with his friends he wakes up in the morning and realizes that his first live show on radio is in an hour and he is not ready for it at all...




A description of the surviving scenes: Two girls are dancing in the inn, one wearing a white dress, the other in black - a bandit arrives - the bandit has an argument with another guest about one of the girls - the fight continues on the rocks - the bandit throws his rival off the cliff - the girl in black mourns the dead man - a cowboy appears on a horse - the girl in black laments the crime to him - the cowboy catches up with the bandit, he disarms him and ties him to a tree - the old man who is to watch over the captive gets drunk and falls asleep - the girl in white, armed with a revolver, frees the bandit, her lover, and they both tie the watchman to the tree instead - the cowboy returns and again fights with the bandit - the girl in white is accidently shot during the ensuing duel - the cowboy leads the handcuffed bandit away.


Lock-On Love


An endearingly inept guy who has killer looks but zero experience with girls falls in love with a hard-to-get beauty.





Sawako Decides


After 5 years in Tokyo, 5 part-time jobs, 5 boyfriends, Sawako's life is going nowhere. When her father gets seriously ill, she has to take over his struggling factory. Gradually she becomes the decider of her own life.


The Light Shines Only There


A man has thrown away love and a woman has given up on love. The two souls meet in a brief summer in the northern city of Hakodate.


Armored Trooper Votoms: The Last Red Shoulder


Chirico Cuvie is reunited with others from the Red Shoulder unit as they pursue their revenge against Yoran Pailsen. Unknown to them, Yoran and his group have created the Perfect Soldier, Ypsilon.


Sasha Sokolov. The Last Russian Writer


A story about the most mysterious and, possibly, the most significant of the living Russian-speaking writers - "Russian Salinger". Sasha Sokolov is a classic of Russian literature and Russian modernism, who influenced writers such as Mikhail Shishkin, Vladimir Sorokin, Vladimir Sharov, Viktor Pelevin. True, so far little has been known about Sokolov itself.

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